Image of Bloody Valentine (A Blue Bloods Book)


Image of Bloody Valentine (A Blue Bloods Book)

This anthology is an excellent addition to a series that’s like Gossip Girl meets Twilight with a twist! Fans of de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series will love the chance to spend more time with some of their favorite characters – especially checking in with Oliver post-Schuyler and then seeing Schuyler and Jack’s bonding ceremony. This anthology is also a temping teaser that will intrigue readers who are new to Blue Bloods.

In “Just Another Night in Suck City” Oliver is languishing after he and Schuyler go their separate ways. He meets witchy woman Freya but, will her support be enough to keep Oliver from making some depression-fueled decisions with long-reaching consequences? “Always Something There to Remind Me” brings readers back to Endicott Academy in 1985 as teenager Allegra Val Alen, who will later become Schuyler’s mother, wrestles between her desires and other’s expectations for her after meeting the alluring Bendix Chase. “Ring of Fire” fast forwards readers to present-day Florence as Schuyler and Jack plan their bonding ceremony. But with dark forces at work trying to drive a wedge between the pair, will Schuyler and Jack’s love be strong enough to survive this new threat? (HYPERION, December 2010, 160 pp., $14.99, ISBN: 9781423134497, HC, 12&up)

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Kate Girard