Image of Blooming in the Wild (Hawaiian Heroes)


Image of Blooming in the Wild (Hawaiian Heroes)

Blooming in the Wild is as exciting and erotic as the previous installments of the Hawaiian Heroes, mixing the supernatural abilities of strong Hawaiian heritage with deliciously exciting romantic suspense. Bella’s newfound talent allows her to communicate with the flora and fauna of the islands and encourages her to embrace her sexuality — and her attraction to Joel. Their bond develops quickly, and the intimacy between them is off-the-charts sexy. Definitely, ono, the best.

Bella Moran is in Hawaii on a photoshoot for DelRay Sporting Goods’ summer line, and to visit with her new family, the Ho’omalus. They’ve been blessed by Pele with special abilities and act as protectors of the islands. Enter Joel Girand, a smokin’ hot reality star assigned to test the new line. He’s incredibly drawn to tightly wound Bella, who tries to manage disturbing dreams, reluctant to admit that she, too, might have the Ho’omalus traits. Meanwhile, someone is using the islands to manufacture drugs, putting everyone on the shoot in danger.(SAMHAIN, Oct., 296 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty