Image of Blue Angel


Image of Blue Angel

The main characters here need to make lifestyle choices, which some readers may find frustrating though the burlesque elements are sexy and fun. The heroine is trying to make a one-sided relationship work and her partner is just trying to get as much as he can from whomever he can. The story contains F/F and menage interaction.

Mallory and Alex are in an intimate relationship but the emotion is all on Mallory’s side. Desiring some spice in their arrangement, Alex tries to entice her into having a three-way. On her birthday, he takes her to The Blue Angel, a burlesque club, where she’s pulled onstage by Betty. Once she loosens up, Mallory finds that she enjoys it. The couple has a wonderful evening and both are put in the mood. While Mallory enjoys their intimacy, Alex fantasizes about Mallory and another woman sharing their bed! Betty is harboring fantasies of her own involving Mallory and her career. After losing her job, Mallory becomes a dancer at The Blue Angel and finds that she truly enjoys it. When she finally dumps Alex, the drama really starts! (APHRODISIA, May, 244 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis