Once Danielle Dupree was viewed as the princess of Blue Bayou, Los Angeles. The daughter of a prominent judge, she was seen as being too good for the likes of bad boy Jack Callahan. But neither could resist their attraction.

Their teenage love affair was broken up by Judge Dupree, and Jack was driven out of town. Thirteen years later, former undercover drug agent Jack Callahan is a famous author and Judge Dupree is in jail for taking bribes. As for Danielle, the only positive thing she has left from a broken marriage is her 8-year-old son, Matt. Returning home to Blue Bayou seems like the best solution. What she doesn't realize is that Jack has also returned and he bought her former home, the crumbling Beau Soleil.

Danielle's homecoming brings back all kinds of memories and emotions. The spark that burned between them is still aflame, but secrets from the past threaten to once again destroy their second chance at happiness.

Perpetual favorite JoAnn Ross kicks off the opening chapter in what promises to be an exceptional and emotional trilogy. This first book illustrates Ms. Ross' unique flair for creating refreshing and rewarding reading experiences. (Apr., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith