Image of Blue Dahlia (In the Garden, Book 1)


Image of Blue Dahlia (In the Garden, Book 1)

Several years after the
accidental death of her husband, Stella Rothchild moves her two boys to Tennessee and lands a dream job. She is manager
of a thriving garden nursery run on
the grounds of the old Harper Mansion.

Owner Roz Harper insists that Stella
and her boys move into Harper House for convenience's sake. Shortly thereafter, they are joined by a very pregnant distant relation of Roz's first husband.
Stella doesn't expect to find romance, but locking horns with intriguing
landscaper Logan Kitridge gets her
blood flowing.

The only one unhappy with this
burgeoning relationship is the "Harper Bride," a ghost haunting the mansion. Who is she and why is she attracted to children? It becomes imperative that they find out soon.

Blue Dahlia kicks off another new paranormal trilogy from the hugely prolific Roberts. As in her previous trilogies, the cast is now assembled and the fun can begin.

Touching emotion, fascinating characters and a tantalizing ghost add up to extreme reading pleasure. (Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith