The Cafferty sisters might only be a photographer and an advertising executive in this world, but passing through an infrequent rift to another world transforms them into a war strategist and a powerful mage.

Kelsey has been the Queens Champion for seven years, training and leading soldiers to fight an evil mage, but it isnt enoughshe needs a secret weapon. Kelsey sends the Queens Mage, Peter, to our world to bring back her sister Regan, hoping that combining Peters power with Regans as yet unrealized power will result in final victory. Regan thinks her sister is dead and when a handsome stranger shows up with an unbelievable story, she think hes crazy, even though they share the same birthmark. Will Regans foray into the world of Daradawn be enough to keep the people safe from the evil mage?

Ms. Hodges compelling fantasy is a magical treat. She swiftly draws in the reader with emotional dialogue and persuasive characters. (dl $4.00 dk $4.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper