Sometimes we in America forget that Australia is an equally young country, complete with tales of adventure about the settlement of the land. BLUE HAZE is one such story.
A thoroughly enjoyable book, well-written and exciting.

Isabell OShea was banished to Australia as punishment for stealing, though she was only trying to support her poverty-stricken family. She soon finds that she has a better life as a convict on Tiger Carstairs' farm than she ever hoped to have in London. She tries valiantly not to like Tiger, but his good nature and good care overcome her intense hatred of the English.

Tiger Carstairs is not what he seems. He doesn't hide his convict past from Isabell, but he doesn't share it with her either. He is a man with a dream and following that dream could cost him everything he holds dear.

In this story of love, adventure and hardships, we see a man and a woman work together to survive and overcome the harsh land that is Australia.

(Jan., dl $5.25, cd $8.40)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent