As England's King Henry II lies dead in a French castle, with illegitimate daughter, Elise, grieving at his side, thieves barge into the sanctuary intent on stealing the royal treasures. In attempting to stop them, Elise is mistaken for one of the brigands and is captured by the King's loyal knight, Sir Bryan Steede.

With her red-gold hair swirling around her while she screams angry epithets, Steede rejects the idea of Elise's innocence. All he knows is that she inflames his aroused senses and he makes Elise his, body and soul. Fearful of the seductive hold Bryan has over her, Elise escapes to her small French Duchee. But newly-crowned King Richard and his all powerful mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, plot to marry Elise to the Steede.

As Elise is forced to follow Bryan from the French countryside, to the chill Cornwall coast the two inexorably and unwillingly fall in love. Bound by passion the lovers are soon torn apart by war, captivity, suspicion, and jealousy, until they are finally joined together on a bloody battlefield outside Jerusalem.

BLUE HEAVEN, BLACK NIGHT is a sweeping tale filled with vivid details of medieval life, the Crusades, colorful, human portrayals of historical figures, as well as a highly sensual and stormy romance. Once again, Shannon Drake proves that she is a multi-talented author able to breathe life into tempestuous characters who lived in a glorious and turbulent age. SENSUAL (REISSUE, Sept., 544 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin