Readers who met enigmatic Noah LeCroix in Once More will relish his return in this tender tale that captures the atmosphere of Louisiana bayous, the majesty and danger of the mighty Mississippi and the harshness of frontier life.

Stolen by river pirates and sold to a crude New Orleans house owner, Olivia Bond eventually escapes. Soon she finds herself at the mercy of the bayouuntil rescued by Noah.

Once known as the Prince of the River, Noah hides his scarred face and sadness in the isolated swamp. Gentle, tender and caring, Noah nearly erases Olivias shame. Haunted by feelings of worthlessness, Olivia decides she must continue on to Illinois, leaving happiness and Noah behind.

Noah accompanies her up river, risking his own safety, and opening himself up to love and the possibility of rejection.

Though Olivia is reunited with her family, she realizes that she loves Noah. When her former owner attempts to shatter her hopes for happiness and endanger Noah and her family, Olivia faces the greatest challenge of her life.

BLUE MOON is a sensitively told tale of wounded people who find the strength to confront their shame and eradicate the past because of their powerful love. Jill Marie Landis optimism and faith in the healing power of love resonates on each and every page of this exquisitely written novel. SENSUAL (June, 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin