Divine intervention takes a humorous turn in this heartwarming romance. Although Jonah's rationale for not telling Angel the truth stretches believability, the rich characterizations make this a very good read.

Geneva McBride was a pretty lousy mother, wife and human being. So when she died of a drug overdose, she wasn't surprised that she didn't get into heaven.

But Geneva is being given a second chance to pass through the pearly gates. Her task: Find an ideal mate for her husband, Jonah, and a mother for her infant daughter, Katie.

In the three months since Geneva died, Jonah has been struggling to keep his diner, the Blue Moon, open and take care of his tiny daughter. One night as he's closing up, he finds a strange woman lying on the bathroom floor. Taking her home seems like a practical solution, so Jonah bundles up the groggy woman. The minute he enters his house, the woman latches on to baby Katie and starts calling her "Lizzy." She also assumes Jonah is her husband.

Knowing he is probably making a mistake, Jonah goes along with the charade and gets the whole town in on the deception. Who is the woman he names Angel and where is her real family? Geneva is doing her best to make sure that no one in town discovers Angel's true identity too soon. But the past can't stay hidden forever.

(May, 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith