Having only just gained her eyesight a week ago, Carly Adams is reveling in new experiences. A teacher of the blind who is currently going back to college, Carly needs some R&R, so she and best friend Bess check out a local club in Crystal Falls, Oregon. Rancher Hank Coulter takes one look at Carly and makes his play. After having way too much to drink, they both wind up having a one-night stand.

For Carly, the consequences of that night are dire. She suffers from an extremely rare condition called Lattice dystrophy. Surgery can restore eyesight for a period of time, but pregnancy can cause this surgery to fail much more quickly, and that is the circumstance that Carly now faces.

Working with his brother to restore the Coulter ranch has left Hank with little time to sow his wild oats. But he's not a man to walk away from responsibility, so when he learns of Carly's plight he feels obligated to help. For medical and financial reasons, a temporary marriage seems like the best solution. But independent Carly is not thrilled with the idea.

Tugging at emotions is Anderson's specialty, and she succeeds in this book. Blue Skies continues the compelling sagas of both the Coulter and Kendrick families. (Dec., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith