Image of Blue Skies (Arabesque)


Image of Blue Skies (Arabesque)

Byrd is an expert at manipulating the mind, so readers can picture everything she vividly describes, and she does not waver in her latest endeavor, which borders on the erotic. Though the storyline is a little cliched, Byrd adds a nice twist to it with main character Sydney, an independent female pilot. Each Byrd novel is quite different, but they all guarantee hours of entertaining reading and a book that's difficult to put down.

In the heat of passion U.S. Air Force pilot Sydney Garrett married Captain James Colton, and though she wouldn't characterize it as a mistake, she chalks it up to bad timing. Both slaves to their careers and with little knowledge of each other, they parted ways hours after marrying.

Destiny intervenes, however, when Sydney is captured in enemy territory and James must come to her rescue. Now he must race against the clock to save not only a co-worker but also the woman he still loves. (Kimani/ARABESQUE, Jun., 283 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton