Fire and tragedy have followed Reena Hale most of her life, but what she doesn't realize is that much of it is the work of one twisted individual.

When she was 11, fire first touched Reena. Her parents' Baltimore restaurant was torched by a vengeful neighbor. Watching the arson inspectors do their work inspired Reena to become a fire cop.

Carpenter Bo Goodnight has only seen Reena from afar on several memorable occasions over the years. Until now, fate has conspired to keep them apart, so Bo is stunned at his good fortune when his "dream girl" suddenly moves in next door. For Reena, Bo is a sexy breath of fresh air, and they quickly find themselves locked in both passion and friendship. When late-night taunting calls begin, Reena realizes that a dangerous madman who has stalked her for years is gearing up for the final act.

When the pure talent gene was being doled out, Roberts got a double dose. This book is vintage Roberts, which means it's filled with witty dialogue, deft characterization and masterful storytelling. Romantic suspense in its purest form. (Oct., 448 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith