Image of Blue Smoke and Murder


Image of Blue Smoke and Murder

Western art, the Mormon church and the misogynistic tendencies of the art world are layers that add complexity to Lowell's newest high-stakes thriller. Her talent for delivering novels that are topical and timely continues with this tale of fraud
and inflated art appraisals. Lowell is in
a class by herself.

A cryptic note from her recently deceased great-aunt leads river guide Jill Breck to a hidden cache of 12 unsigned paintings. From the note, Jill realizes her aunt tried to get a 13th painting appraised. Instead it was "lost," and the aunt died in a fire that destroyed her ranch house.

A month earlier, Jill saved the life of St. Kilda operative Joe Faroe's son. At the time Joe told her to call if she ever needed help. After she receives a death threat, she does. Fortunately, Zach Balfour, the closest St. Kilda operative to the scene, has a familiarity with Western art, and he realizes Jill may be sitting on a set of paintings that will shake the art world. It seems that art collection is not for the faint of heart; some people will do anything to protect their investments. (MORROW, Jun., 416 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith