Trademark Sandra Hill, THE BLUE VIKING is filled with lots of humor, some of it laugh-out-loud fun. She has that magical touch when is comes to creating heroes who are warriors but have a vulnerability that appeals to readers. To add a special flavor to her tale, Ms. Hill has included many characters from her previous books.

For the last five years, Rurik has been searching for Marie, the witch who marked him with a magic blue line running down his face. He finally finds, captured by a rival clan, and makes a deal with her jailer: he will fight off their enemy if she will be released to remove the mark.

However, Marie, not a very good witch, sometimes mixes up her spells and to undo the spell she cast on Rurik will take time and patience. Furthermore, Rurik does not know that when he left Marie he left her with more than memories; he left her with a son.

This fearsome warrior did not plan on becoming befuddled by one magical woman and their adorable love child.

(Feb., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager