The story’s prologue is nothing short of phenomenal. The scene where Annette discovers her husband’s horrific experiments could have come straight out of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Unfortunately, the rest of the tale does not live up to the spectacular beginning. Passages describing the Steampunk aspects of the author’s world, including underwater submersibles, are well written, but lack vivid language that will inspire readers. Also, the hero and heroine suffer from too little character development. Readers looking for a Steampunk-esque retelling of Frankenstein will be excited about this novella, but those more interested in an emotional love story may want to look elsewhere.

When Annette Parker sneaks into her husband’s laboratory to investigate the new experiment that has turned her normally mild-mannered spouse into a cold and distant man, she discovers that her medical doctor husband has turned into a mad scientist who is cloning versions of his late wife. When Annette discovers that he is about to kill her because she is a “failed experiment”, she runs to the one man she knows will protect her, her previous suitor Isaac Ward. Living in an underwater observatory, Isaac has cut himself off from the outside world, but when Annette arrives, he cannot deny he has missed her despite the bizarre story she tells. But when the insane Dr. Parker comes looking for his clone, Isaac and Annette’s chance for a future together is jeopordized. (Samhain, November 2010, dl, $3.50) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne