Miss Hart expertly weaves a fine tale of the hearts ability to find love after tragedy. Her talent of creating vivid scenery pulls the reader into a distant world and makes for pure reading pleasure.

Convinced that her dreams are unattainable, Linnea Holmstrom makes do with caring for her blind mother and sewing for their meager income. Years before, she loved the wrong man and it has proven to be a mistake the townspeople will not forgive.

When retired army commander and widower Seth Gatlin takes over as landlord, he finds Linnea a healing salve for his lost soul and embittered heart.

As a landlord, Seth is determined and generous. As the man who captures an injured Mustang just for her, he will unlock her buried dreams and set her wishes free before her mothers failing health forces Linnea to choose between her duty and her heart. SENSUAL (Nov., 332 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black