The last thing Logan Marshall needs is interference from a private investigator working for the family he walked away from long ago. Logan is a man on a dangerous mission: Track down and kill the man who murdered his surrogate parents. When Bailey Madison shows up demanding that he return with her to his family, Logan turns her down. Bailey has vital information about the man Logan's searching for and she's determined to help Logan, but only if he agrees to go back to his family after the murderer is caught. Desperate, Logan has no choice but to agree to Bailey's terms. What follows is a fast-paced, cat-and-mouse game to catch a murderer, while Logan, a man living with deep emotional scars, tries to fight his attraction to Bailey. The Bluest Eyes in Texas (4.5) by Marilyn Pappano is a poignant and captivating story that will keep readers turning pages.
Reviewed by: 
Kari Thomas