Zebras Regina Scott is a star on the rise, as she proves with this charming romance of a spinster heiress and a very unusual fortune hunter.

Mr. Kevin Whattling needs a wife. A rich wife. In financial straights after paying his deceased younger brothers debts, he sees no other way to come about than marriage to a wealthy heiress. But does he have to marry an antidote? Surely there is a wealthy woman out there that he could at least like.

And thus his eye falls upon Miss Eugenia Welch. Yes, her bluestocking ways are the talk of the town. But theres something about her that Kevin finds very appealing. Can he persuade her that he is an honest fortune hunter who will really care for her?

Ms. Scott crafts a zesty courtship romance featuring a delightfully eccentric heroine and a sinfully attractive hero. (May, 219 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer