Society fashion model Augusta "Gus" Featherstone has a plan. In order to create a business legacy for her orphaned niece Bridget, she must somehow gain control of the girl's trust fund. In what they consider a brilliant move, Gus and her future fianc plot to have Gus kidnapped and held for ransom. What Gus doesn't count on is the hired kidnapper having his own agenda.

Former Customs Security Agent Jack Culhane has a score to settle with the Featherstone clan, especially businessman Lake Featherstone. Jack believes Lake may know something about the abduction and death of Jack's baby daughter, which destroyed Jack's life and career. Snatching the spoiled Gus seems a good way to start uncovering the truth.

Jack, however, ends up with way more than he bargained for, as tempestuous Gus infuriates and entices him all at once. Uncovering Gus' master plan puts Jack in the driver's seat as he blackmails her into marriage, allowing him into the inner sanctum of the Featherstone estate.

There are more sinister forces at work than either of them realize. Betrayal and death may once again be the final outcome, unless the pair can outwit their formidable enemies.

Sex and danger ignite a bonfire of passion in BLUSH, author Suzanne Forster's sizzling new release, which demonstrates why her name has become synonymous with taut, suspenseful and wildly sexy novels that are hot enough to melt asbestos. (Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith