Sarah Tillings, head of Tillings Industries, is devastated by the company's financial position. It is only after her father's death that she realizes the extent of his neglect and how it's left the company vulnerable to a hostile takeover. And any takeover, no matter how friendly, is considered hostile as far as Sarah is concerned. Although her new boss proposes to make no changes other than infusing much needed monies into the company, Sarah realizes that sexy Brian Carson will not only change her company's future, but will forever change her life with his long glances, hot kisses and searing touches.

Brian Carson, businessman extraordinaire, has loved Sarah for years. He's quietly followed her life from her college days to her brilliant but troubled career in the business world. He's stepped in to help her and hopes she'll give him a chance to make her love him as much as he loves her. Unable to maintain his usual cool facade, Brian can barely keep his hands off Sarah, despite her very vocal animosity toward him and his takeover of her company. Though their chemistry is combustible, Sarah still holds Brian at arms length. Can he ever make her understand the depth of his love?Brian stakes his very future on the hope that he can.

Courtni Wright has written a debut novel that has given her a great start on the road to romance writing stardom. BLUSH is a classic romance with layers of sensuality that will make readers' toes curl! (Sep., 252 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson