Image of The Boat Builder's Bed (Wicked in Wellington Book 1)


Image of The Boat Builder's Bed (Wicked in Wellington Book 1)

Sophie’s inner turmoil and Rafe’s ex-wife's interference provides much of the conflict in this pleasing tale from Pearson. Fans of modern-day fairy tales are sure to love this Cinderella story about a rich entrepreneur and a young woman struggling to make it on her own. Additionally, the New Zealand setting gives the story a local flavor that is appealing.

Struggling interior designer Sophie and wealthy yacht tycoon Rafe start out on the wrong foot. After accidentally damaging Rafe's expensive car with the sign she’s carrying, Sophie is shocked when he hires her to help decorate the large multi-level home he’s building. As the couple spends time together and becomes romantically involved, they must deal with Rafe's ex-wife and Sophie has to open up about her daughter, who she's kept hidden from Rafe because of his own difficult childhood. (SELF-PUBLISHED, Feb., dl., $3.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown