LaShondra Smith is an African-American woman fulfilled in her career, surrounded by loving family and friends and committed to God. She feels just one thing lacking—a man. But she doesn't want just any man. He must be strong, sensitive, hard-working and godly. Oh, and black. In short, her own personal Boaz, like the hero from the Bible, only the right color. Then Stelson Brown strides into her life.

He's everything she wants, but with one glaring omission. LaShondra can't believe this is the man God has for her, and every relationship in her life is called into question as she confronts a completely unsuspected sin in her own heart. Will she allow family, friends and ingrained attitudes to ruin her chance at a once-in-forever love?

Stimpson's debut novel investigates hard questions in a tightly wrapped package of complex relationships, inner struggle and heart-melting romance. A powerful example of stylishly written African-American fiction that begs to be read by people of any culture. (Jun., 300 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson