Deaver scores again with another ace thriller. In this heart-stopping story, ruthless killers hunt the heroes through a dense forest -- at night, no less. Just when it seems the game is over and you can catch your breath, another turn of events ratchets up the terror. Don't miss this extraordinary novel that introduces a new, smart and tough female protagonist. Check the locks and keep the lights on.

The Feldmans' weekend at their vacation home near a lake in the woods is interrupted by two masked intruders wielding guns. Steven's call to 911 is cut off, and the phone ripped from his hand. Still, his location is traced, and the sheriff sends Deputy Brynn McKenzie to check things out. Thus begins a terrifying night during which Brynn must call on her survival skills and the forest's resources if she's to live to see the dawn. It's a good thing she's smart -- but so are the killers hunting her. (Simon and Schuster, Nov., 350 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters