Image of Bodies of Water


Image of Bodies of Water

Greenwood’s latest is a beautiful, albeit earth-shattering testament, to survival during an era in which homosexual relationships are nearly forbidden. The prose is beautiful as always, painting a lush portrait of the relationship between Billie and Eva, as well as of 1960s New England. However, this novel is a bit too lengthy and monotonous at times, which could make some readers lose interest in the story.

In a small sleepy town in 1960 Massachusetts, Billie Valentine devotes her time to raising her two adopted children and being housewife to a demanding, wino husband. When the Wilson family moves in across the street, her world becomes infinitely more exciting. She befriends Eva Wilson, a beautiful and beguiling pregnant woman with three small children. As the friendship between Billie and Eva blossoms into something more than their husbands can handle, a deceitful lie ruins Billie for the years that follow. (KENSINGTON, Oct., 384 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun