Toinette Blue has overcome tremendous odds to become the creator and director of Quad-A, a successful job program for welfare recipients. Now, at 47 years of age, she's wondering if a mid-life crisis is the reason for her attraction to Robinson Mayview III, a dynamic, handsome attorney who's 13 years her junior.

Ever since meeting Toinette, Robinson has wanted this savvy, sophisticated and beautiful older woman. His only obstacle is Toinette, who can't believe he could want her instead of a younger woman.

Robinson wears down her defenses with a sensual wooing no woman could resist. His victory, however, is a double edged sword. He realizes he wants more that her body-he wants her love. Robinson is drawn into Toinette's life, uncovering a shocking secret that could destroy his future with the woman he loves.

BODY AND SOUL is a funny, warm, sensual novel that will forever change how we view May-December romances! With her exquisite artistry and breathtaking drama, it's no wonder that in less that a year, Ms. Gilmore has gone from fledgling writer to award-winning author. (July, 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson