Deciding to return to Manzanita, CA to live was a very big decision for Jesse Copeland. As the site of her mothers suicide and her own nervous breakdown, Manzanita does not elicit fond memories. But Jesse does return, and begins a new life working at the Blue Lodge, and as a member of the local Search & Rescue Team.

Jesse has always been convinced that both her mothers death and her own breakdown were the results of Gary Emersons actions. Now she has returned to find that this frightening man is running for the State Assembly.

Jesse is also troubled by strange dreams of love and loss. Once she utters the name of the man who inhabits her dreams she unleashes a ghost which has been trapped for centuries. David Venress, Lord Ashthorpe, has been trapped in limbo since his death at Waterloo. He recognizes Jesse as the reincarnation of his former wife Sophie, whose fate kept him trapped all this timeonly Sophies forgiveness can free him, but gaining that forgiveness from Jesse wont be easyshe remembers nothing of her past life, and if she ever does, forgiveness may be the last thing on her mind.

After Jesse stops doubting her sanity for seeing a ghost, she finds herself oddly attracted to David. Despite his reassurances, she senses there are turbulent waters running within him. In spite of their best efforts, it seems that they may be destined to repeat the tragic events of the past.

Award winning Susan Krinard returns with a powerful new novel that uses both reincarnation and ghostly hauntings as key elements. This is a sensational new book that will thrill her multitude of fans. (Sep., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith