With BODY AND SOUL, author Jennifer Archer takes the old the grass is always greener idea and gives it an interesting new twist.

Lisa O'Conner is having one of those days. The kids are fighting incessantly, she fights with her husband Michael, and she spills a dozen eggs on herself.

While at the bank drive-through, Lisa sees a beautiful young college student and absently wishes she had the young woman's life. In a disorienting second, Lisa and the young woman swap bodies. Checking her ID, she discovers she's now in the body of law student Tory Beecham.

Lisa discovers that while she has perfect memory about who she is, Tory has developed amnesia and doesn't remember anything about her life. Not knowing what to do, Lisa returns to Tory's apartment, only to be confronted by Tory's live-in boyfriend Dillon Todd. By an interesting coincidence, Tory has just been hired as an assistant by Michael's law firm, which gives Lisa the opportunity to interact with her husband.

Somehow Lisa must find a way to preserve both her old life and Tory's current life while she searches for a way to switch their bodies back.

(Oct., 363 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith