Image of Body Chemistry (Kimani Romance)


Image of Body Chemistry (Kimani Romance)

BODY CHEMISTRY (4.5) by Dara Girard Book three of the Black Stockings Society is the best yet! The hero's determination to win back the love and trust of his ex-wife is refreshing and exciting. Girard's use of secondary characters, including a dastardly villain who's not as smart as he thinks, contributes to the enjoyment. Biologist Brenda Everton needs funding for a project or she'll be forced to dismiss her staff. Brenda's been totally devoted to work since her marriage to scientific celebrity Dominic Ayers ended badly, when his quest for success pushed him to sacrifice everything. Realizing that success is empty without Brenda, Dominic vows to win her back. But how will he feel about her after she joins the Black Stocking Society and transforms herself?

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims