Image of A Body To Die For


Image of A Body To Die For
Viviana Darland, a vampire for 200 years, is running from two vampires she sired who are trying to kill her to regain their humanity. She just wants one more time with the only man who ever gave her wonderful sex, then she will die. She heads to Skull Creek, Texas, looking for Garret Sawyer. But he's looking for the man who turned him, planning to kill his sire and regain his humanity as well of that of two other friends he turned. He thought he loved Viviana but now thinks that since she was a vampire, she never had feelings for the man he was. Kimberly Raye's (4.5) A Body to Die For is fun and sexy, filled with sensual details, secrets and heartwarming characters -- as well as humor in the most unexpected places.
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Page Traynor