Out for a run, Emma Lachance encounters Finn Duhon for the first time in years. The shop owner and the ex-Army Ranger catch up, then head homeward. En route, they discover a body -- which Emma is horrified to realize is her friend, Denise Steen.

Finn's support helps her through a police interrogation and the arrival of her abusive husband, the mayor, at the station. Emma's about to leave him, despite his gubernatorial aspirations, and though she's grateful to Finn, she's not ready to love again. Her vulnerability touches Finn because it mirrors his own, and he doesn't push. Besides, Finn has his hands full keeping Emma safe as they try to solve Denise's murder. The killer is closer than they can possibly know.

Cameron knows her audience well and gives them exactly what they want: suspense, sensuality and generous dollops of humor. Just one quibble, but a biggie: Emma's husband is a complete creep, and one wonders why it's taken her so long to ditch him. (Mar., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer