BODY HEAT (4.5) by Adrianne Byrd: Totally hilarious with great characters, a strong plot and scorching-hot love scenes, this story entertains from beginning to end. While visiting his vacation home, bachelor Hylan Dawson finds out that he’s had a wife for 18 months, only he hasn’t met her yet. Struggling playwright Nicole Jamison endures the most humiliating and costly night of her life when her latest play fails minutes after opening. When she hears of Hylan’s vacation home, which he rarely visits, she goes there and, since she’s broke, pretends to be his wife. Nikki loves “her” home, her town and her neighbors, many of whom are relatives of her “husband” — and so she stays on. Everything is great until hubby Hylan arrives.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims