For once forensic sculptor Eve Duncan's life has been fairly calm and happy. Eve and Atlanta PD Det. Joe Quinn have been living together, along with Eve's newly adopted daughter, Jane MacGuire. That sense of calm and happiness is all too brief as Eve is suddenly thrown into a deadly new case. When U.S. Senator Melton requests Eve's assistance on a highly confidential new case, she refuses, as it would require her leave for Baton Rouge immediately.

What Eve doesn't know is that forces are at work that will not allow her to refuse this task, and they manage to drive a wedge between Joe and Eve. A hurt and angry Eve abruptly decides to accept Senator Melton's case. The first night Eve arrives in Baton Rouge, someone attempts to poison her. Knowing that Eve won't let him near her right now, Joe gets mercenary Sean Galen to play bodyguard. It's a good thing he does, for someone is determined that Eve not reconstruct the face of a newly discovered skull.

Why is the identity of this body important enough to justify killing everyone who comes in contact with Eve or the skull?

Time again for another spine-tingling thriller from master storyteller Iris Johansen. BODY OF LIES is a fabulous addition to the Eve Duncan series. (Apr., 352 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith