Since the disappearance of their parents, Carlotta Wren has been responsible for her younger brother, Wesley. It's cost her a lot -- a college education, her fiance and a real career.

These days, Carlotta's in sales at Neiman Marcus, single and struggling to keep food on the table. So she's not thrilled when Wesley gets busted for computer hacking and she finds out the hard way about his gambling debts. In fact, the only good thing about Wesley's brush with the law is Carlotta meeting detective Jack Terry, who's arrogant but seriously hot! Unfortunately, the next time Carlotta sees Jack, it's at a crime scene: She's reconnected with her ex-fiance, Peter, just in time to become a suspect in his wife's murder.

Bond has a breezy, accessible style and a flair for witty banter. Plus, her characters are all intriguingly, endearingly quirky. Here's to Carlotta's future misadventures lasting a long time. (Aug., 352 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer