Shades of Frankenstein highlight this gripping nontraditional romance where greed and love fight for supremacy. Strongly sexual and with LGBT content, especially M/M interaction, it has a plot that's thrilling, characters that illustrate shades of good versus evil, and an
unexpected ending.

Years ago, Cornelius and Sheba Ransom created the immortal Athan from body parts and a special elixir. The only caveat is that he must occasionally recharge, which turns him into a sex machine who must find sexual release to survive. Though the Ransoms have since died, their work on regeneration lives on, and researchers Korrie Odell and Paul Cathcart are feuding over it.

Thanks to old journals, Korrie knows the truth about Athan, and when she's assigned to the Ransom estate, she and Athan develop a highly charged relationship -- but a jealous Paul has murder on his mind. (, dl $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown