Image of Body of Sin (Otherkin)


Image of Body of Sin (Otherkin)

Fans of the Sons of Sutekh will be thrilled to learn that Silver has returned to the world of Otherkin to finally tell Lokan Krayl’s story. Lokan’s murder was the linchpin of the series and his ghostly presence a sad reminder. Now Silver takes her tortured hero on a desperate and hazardous quest to return from purgatory to protect his daughter. The protagonists in this book share a devotion to their child, but it is their own relationship that will undergo metamorphosis. Silver really hits this one out of the park!

To protect his beloved daughter Dana, Soul Reaper Lokan allowed his father to torture and murder him. Vowing revenge, his brothers revealed Sutekh’s betrayal and stopped him from taking over possession of Lokan’s body. Although his body and soul are now reunited, Lokan is trapped in purgatory, unable to pass through the gates of his old enemy. Bryn Carr has kept many secrets from Lokan, including her own supernatural calling. Fearing Sutekh will come after Dana, Bryn makes a deadly bargain to bring Lokan back into this realm. (HQN, Sep., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith