At 27 years old, Alessandra Lamont is a divorced trophy wife. To be honest, she is happy to be rid of her husband Griffin for it now allows her to try to adopt a special-needs baby. Unfortunately Alessandras dreams are placed on hold when she finds that not only has Griffin mortgaged everything, he also stole money from alleged mob boss Michael Trotta.

When Griffins murdered body turns up, Alessandra really starts to worry. Michael Trotta and his henchmen believe Alessandra knows where the missing money is located. She is given a deadline to return the money or else.

FBI agents Harry ODell and George Faulkner have been after Michael Trotta for a long time, and now they see an opportunity to nail him. Alessandra wants nothing to do with the FBI or the mob. She is determined to find the money, give it back and go on with her life.

Things dont go as planned, as someone tries to kill Alessandra despite her return of the money. Alessandra is taken into protective custody by Harry, but there is still danger lurking.

BODYGUARD is the fabulous follow-up to Suzanne Brockmanns first single-title release. Romantic suspense is obviously Ms. Brockmanns forte and she proves it at every turn. (Dec., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith