Image of The Bodyguard


Image of The Bodyguard

Three exciting and intriguing stories about people with extraordinary powers show how love can find a way, no matter the circumstances. Though not particularly outstanding, some of the powers are quite unique, while the werewolves appear more animal than human.

Declared dead two years ago, Dr. Michaela Giese is alive and apparently working for a terrorist. T-FLAC agent Sebastian Tremayne plans to stop her, until he discovers the truth in Adair’s “Temptation on Ice.” A staged abduction goes wrong in Showalter’s “Temptation in Shadows,” as Gabby Hunt ends up on the run with Sean Walker, who may just be the reason she’s being hunted by those who would use her talents for their own benefit. Searching for a killer in “Hunting Temptation” by O’Clare brings bounty hunter Seth Gere in contact with Jenna Drury, unaware that both she and the killer are werewolves. (ST. MARTIN'S, Jul., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley