Image of Bodyguards In Bed


Image of Bodyguards In Bed

This entertaining anthology has a mix of suspense and hot sex. Monroe’s offering has likable and interesting characters, plus quick-paced dialogue — but with a suspense plot that seems short-changed. Although Denton’s story is light and amusing, it is short on plot — more like a series of loosely connected sex scenes. Naughton’s tale is the best of the three, with real action and plot, scorching sex and a surprising heroine.

In Monroe’s story, brilliant Ph.D. candidate Danusia is thrown together with special ops guy Max after her apartment is broken into. Sparks fly when these two end up staying together at Danusia’s brother’s place. Denton’s free-spirited, flaky Alyssa is in a “Hot Mess” as the temporary limo driver and bodyguard for a government whistleblower. Little does Alyssa know her passenger is really an FBI agent — and that someone is following them. Tough-girl model Lauren and her moody, suspicious bodyguard Finn are in the “Acapulco Heat” when a photo-shoot turns into a run through the jungle in Naughton’s story. (BRAVA, Jun., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan