Wilson pulls out all the stops to
make this tale creepy with a capital "C," combining the genre's old chestnuts with some good modern elements -- notably an empowered heroine
and a psychic who isn't eerie. She
also refuses to "rationally" explain
the paranormal events. This book is first rate and guaranteed to make
you think.

After her husband's death, writer Blythe Wyndham relocates to her hometown to raise her 4-year- old daughter, Maddie. Soon after, Maddie begins experiencing night terrors, which she's never had before -- and Blythe hears noises that she can't explain. Could the house they're renting be haunted, and could the activity there somehow be tied to a murder 25 years ago?

Blythe asks Sheriff Cade Jackson for his help looking into the matter, which he willingly gives. But before Blythe's investigation progresses very far, the house burns to the ground. This leaves skeptical Cade certain of one thing --someone who's very much alive doesn't want Blythe poking into the past. (MIRA, Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer