When Adelaide Greens sisters convince her to travel to McTavish Plain shes sure theyre making a big mistake. There is one rule: all the women who settle in McTavish Plain must be married. This stipulation does not stop the Green sisters because they have a foolproof plan! All they have to do is create husbands for themselves and once they are settled, they will receive word that their husbands have passed away.

Ian McTavish has built a perfect town and plans to keep it that way. Ian lives the life of a carefree bachelor in his castle-like home high on the mountain overlooking his town. When Mrs. Adelaide Brown arrives, warming all the single mens hearts with her mouth-watering cooking, Ian is determined to deny his feelings for her.

Afraid he will discover her secret, Addie tries to avoid him. But neither can ignore their inexplicable attraction for one another and soon find that love will not be denied.

Linda Lea Castle has created a fun-filled tale brimming with a wonderful cast of characters who bring McTavish Plain to life. I was easily drawn into the pages of Ian and Addies life as they learn the lesson that without truth and trust there can be no lasting love. ADDIE AND THE LAIRD is the first book in Ms. Castles Bogus Brides trilogy and I look forward to Mattie and Lotties stories. SENSUAL (Nov., 391 pp $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor