Though McTavish Plains law forbids unmarried women, three single sisters pretend to have husbands so that they can settle in the charter town in this sweet series.

In the series second novel, Mattie (whose pseudo-husband is a sea captain who never comes ashore) wants nothing more than to teach school. But when one of her students becomes determined to set her up with his attractive uncle, Roamer Tresh, Mattie finds herself suddenly wanting more from life.

Like Mattie, Roamer has no intentions of getting marriedeverbut Scouts pranks make it impossible for Roamer to ignore the lively teacher and the townsfolk, who insist he marry someone to mother Scout.

The wonderful prankish humor of this love story is balanced by the threatening return of Scouts abusive father. This quintessential romance will cause readers to seek the pleasures of all three Bogus Brides books. SENSUAL (Apr., 316 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger