Image of Boiling Point (Jove Novel)


Image of Boiling Point (Jove Novel)

Dionne’s follow-up to Freezing Point delivers more science thrills. The narrative flows well, the characters are sharp and the setting is explosive. While the chaos compels the reader to turn pages, the science reinforces a scenario that is all too real and terrifying. Readers will seek out the previous book and anxiously awaiting the next one.

Sheila Kennedy and her partner, Ross, are microbiologists studying a volcano in Chile. Sheila follows mysterious tanker trucks that drive to a spot near the caldera and appear to be coming back empty. Meanwhile, a documentary film crew is recording footage of the beautiful nearby scenery. When the volcano explodes, Ross heads to the blast zone to rescue Sheila. The head of the film crew is willing to do anything to protect the miraculous video he’s recorded. And a scientist with an agenda that will change the world has witnessed the first step in his bold plan. All of them will collide near an angry volcano ready to erupt again at any second. (JOVE, Jan., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers