Almost two years ago Bolden survived the destruction of his starship and crash-landed on this world for which the inhabitants have no name. As son of Miratan lion Garan and Earthwoman Jenna, he wonders if he will ever see Earth again. He has been living with a band of savages, but this raid on an unsuspecting village disgusts him.

When one woman makes a run for it, he decides to follow and save her. Cené is determined not to become Bolden's captive. Yet when she sees him, she realizes she has met him before—in dreams sent to her by the goddess. The goddess wishes to share sexual pleasure with Cené and Bolden. Hence, Bolden strikes a deal—his way home for the shared pleasure. But it appears the goddess may not be the only entity interested in Cené and Bolden, and this one's interest may not be so benign.

Bold Journey is a very fine addition to Douglas' Star Quest series. The hero is one of the next generation and a fascinating creation. Introducing a new world, Douglas builds a wonderfully imaginative setting for this alien romance. Though the concepts are not new, the author brings them to life in a fresh and inventive way. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley