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Image of Under the Hill: Bomber's Moon


Image of Under the Hill: Bomber's Moon

Bomber’s Moon is a literary m/m paranormal romance with wit and style. Beecroft’s writing is in a class by itself, plunging the reader into a world of British faeries and magic. Ben in particular is a great protagonist — snarky, three-dimensional and a great example of how to write a person of color in a romance. The plot alternates between three characters and two love stories, showing off an inspired, unique world. Readers will find themselves unable to let go of Beecroft’s universe.

Ben Chaudhry was not prepared for an attack by elves, or for how they left without a trace. Calling the Paranormal Defense Agency seemed like the best bet, but it’s only made everything more complicated — especially the presence of sexy Chris Gatrell. Their attraction and Ben’s reluctance to face the magical world spell trouble. The past haunts them both: Chris was sent forward in time, having been shot down in a WWII battle, reawakening 70 years in the future; Ben — well, no one’s sure of him. The world of the fae becomes increasingly threatening as Ben and Chris face the faeries and the truth of who they are, and discover whether it means forfeiting their lives. (SAMHAIN, Mar., 272 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
John Jacobson