Image of Bombshell (An FBI Thriller)


Image of Bombshell (An FBI Thriller)

Coulter serves up another of her patented thrillers that interweaves two different FBI cases, one featuring the razor-sharp talents of Savich and Sherlock, the other touching too close to home for Special Agent Griffin. Coulter keeps the pace brisk and the twists coming!

FBI agent Griffin Hammersmith agrees to join Dillon Savich’s unit in D.C. but then his sister, a music student in Maestro, Va., is attacked in her apartment. Delsey will be OK, but there is too much blood at the scene, and most of it is not hers — so, who else was injured? Meanwhile, Savich & Sherlock focus on the murder of the grandson of the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. Was it a strike at his grandfather or something more personal? Griffin’s case gets more complicated when it turns out the man murdered in Delsey’s place was a DEA agent. (PUTNAM, Jul., 400 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith