Image of Bond of Fire (Texas Vampires, Book 2)


Image of Bond of Fire (Texas Vampires, Book 2)

This prequel to last year's Bond of Blood explores the early historical exploits of various vampires previously introduced, culminating in a present-day showdown. Regrettably, due to the plot's structure, the romance element is underdeveloped and much of the character interaction is brief as the story covers centuries of events and separations. Still, when it comes to sizzle, Whiteside is aces!

The French Revolution provides the backdrop for this story of star-crossed lovers. Prior to becoming a full vampire, Jean-Marie St. Just was visiting Paris when he met Helene d'Agelet and fell in love. Forced to leave the human Helene, Jean-Marie was unaware of the events that would eventually lead them both to become vampires. Hate, betrayal, war and treachery all conspire to keep these lovers separated for centuries. A modern-day photo leads Helene to realize that despite all the odds, Jean-Marie might still be alive. However, the obstacles that separate them are stronger than ever. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jan., 360 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith