Image of Bonds of Trust: Book One of Wicked Play


Image of Bonds of Trust: Book One of Wicked Play

Bonds of Trust is a beautifully detailed erotic romance that is driven by the characters’ love and not just the sex. The slow blossoming of trust between Jake and Cali has a real and natural pace to it — nothing feels forced — and this enables a much deeper connection between the reader and the story. The intense sex, building in both passion and deviance, is not only perfectly in balance with the love story but also deeply sensual. It is this perfect harmony of narrative and eroticism that makes a book that will leave you extremely satisfied.

Years after her sexless marriage, Cali Reynolds finds the courage to become a member of The Den, an exclusive sex club that she hopes will help her figure out exactly what she needs. Jake McCallister gives her her first tour of the club — and her first taste of how sweet BDSM can be. As he leads her deeper into the sensual world of The Den, an unspoken love grows beneath the surface of their Master-submissive relationship, but they can’t express or indulge it until they are willing to give up their personal demons and trust each other fully and honestly. (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $1.99)

Reviewed by: 
Abigail Ortlieb