After a 13-year-old girl survives being kidnapped and tortured and then escapes, her life is never again the same. She grows up plagued with nightmares, until she takes a new name, moves to a new city and tries to get on with her life with no one who knows what she went through.

Twenty-three years later, Anna North lives in New Orleans. An author, she writes tales of terror and darkness, but no one knows about the darkness she once lived through. Then one day someone from her past contacts her and her secret is revealed. Anna once again knows the terror of someone manipulating her life.

She goes to the police for help, but Det. Quentin Malone isnt interested in the letters shes receiving. Until things begin to link Anna with a series of murders in the New Orleans area. Then a friend of hers is kidnapped and Quentin begins to realize that Anna might be the key to it all.

From the first page Ms. Spindler immerses the reader in terror. With characters of depth, excellent storytelling ability and numerous twists and turns, she gives readers a wonderful ride. (Mar., 512 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson