The gods have ordained that to keep the newborn female heir alive until she can claim her throne, her twin brother must die to supply necessary ingredients for a horrific gender-hiding ritual. Tobin survives but his mother goes insaneshe remembers two infants crying during birth though she is told one is stillborn. In her madness, the Princess Aliara creates exquisite dolls yet the one she carries is a faceless, ragged bag of stuffing. When she kills herself, Tobin inherits the ragged doll and the demon inhabiting it. He learns from a witch that the demon is really the ghost of his twin, and that Tobin has a duty to cherish and protect him against the future time Tobin will need his twin.

THE BONE DOLLS TWIN is an intensely poignant tale that begs the questionhow far should one go to change destiny. Lynn Flewelling delivers a tightly crafted narrative with vivid characters and a detailed background that quickly pulls the reader into her world. (Oct., 544 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper